St. Hugh Memorial Prayer Garden


In the midst of the changes we face, several people have expressed concern about what will happen to the memorial bricks and the benches. We share your concerns and have already been planning for the future of this place of prayer.


The bricks will be reinstalled in the sacred soil of the Mother of Mothers Shrine** at Mater Christi Church. This shrine is a place of remembrance and prayer. The St. Hugh memorial will both enhance the already beautiful shrine and ensure that the people of St. Hugh who have been memorialized will continue to be remembered in prayer.


When a gift is given to the church, it is then the property of the Church. Fr. Tom May will become a new pastor of the new parish- starting July 1st 2021.


Fr. Tom requested and received special permission that allows donated St. Hugh bricks and benches to be reclaimed sometime after July 1st.


Please indicate if want you to reclaim your memorial paver or bench via the form provided in the church office or online by July 1st.


Sincerely, Yours in Christ


Fr. Robert Marchwiany, Pastor of St. Hugh.



It is possible the bricks, benches, and bell may also be relocated to the new St. Hugh Faith Formation Center, the details are being worked out in the coming weeks.


Please print and drop the form off at the parish office.

Link to form:!Amdb_XlqBfEBg8lD2osLQLZgkUDyhg?e=8YNceZ


Link to Mother of Mothers Shrine Info: