Youth Ministry (Grades 6-12)


 WE meet once a month on Thursdays for discussions, prayer, and to plan service projects, movie nights,  and other activities for the youth of parish. This program is open to all young adults in grades 7-12. We  plan to discuss different issues that the students are interested in. In addition to our meetings, we will  serve the parish and community and plan group events. In this program, the teens will continue to help set the goals and tone of the program. They are followed by an Open Gym night.


          YM & T@7 Registration Form

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We are currently looking for Middle and High School and College students to be a part of our Youth Ministry.  We need your ideas about what you want to do and learn about.

We hope to participate in:

  • Service Projects
  • Movie Nights
  • Retreats
  • Open Gym Nights
  • Fundraisers
  • Field trips
  • and any other ideas you can think of!