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SAINT HUGH-MassMass Schedule

Weekend Masses

Saturday (vigil) 4:00pm

Sunday 8:00am and 10:30am

Weekday Masses

Monday - Saturday 10:30am

Parish Office Hours

Monday - Friday 9:00am - 3:00pm



Penance/Reconciliation (Confession)

A priest-confessor is available Saturday after the morning Mass or by appointment.


Anointing of the Sick

Contact Father for a family member who is seriously ill.


Communion for Homebound

Call the Parish Office to request a Minister of Care to visit.


Infants are baptized at the parish where their parents are active members - usually on Sunday after the Mass. Contact the Pastor to schedule. 



Celebrated for current parishioners. Engaged couples should begin preparations with the parish at least six months in advance of a proposed wedding.



The family of the deceased should rely on the professional skill of a funeral director who will assist in making arrangements with the parish and cemetery.

pardon our dust

 We are making improvements to our worship space! 
From February 6 - February 24, all Masses will be held in the New School Building and Keating Hall.

† † † † † † † † † † † 
Daily Mass (10:30am) will be in a classroom in the new school building.
Enter the door in the front (Joliet Ave.) parking lot.

Sunday Mass (Saturday-4pm & Sunday-8 & 10:30am) will be in Keating Hall.  
Enter the blue doors at the back (Prescott Ave.) parking lot.

We should be back inside the church for Mass starting on Saturday February 25.
Please watch this page for updates.

From our bulletin:

In April 2014 our parishioners were asked to make a pledge (for up to three years) to the To Teach Who Christ Is (TTWCI) capital campaign of the Archdiocese of Chicago. As you may recall, Barbara and Ray Blazina chaired this effort for the parish. The TTWCI case for Saint Hugh addressed three needs.

First, in September 2014, we addressed safety needs with improvements that included resealing and restriping of our parking lots.  

Then, in September 2015, we addressed communication needs with an updated phone system and improved WiFi.

Now, with the TTWCI pledge period winding down and with the approval of our parish finance committee, we are now ready to begin the needed improvements to our worship space. 

This project will include the repainting of all painted surfaces in the church. While the pews are removed we will also make improvements to the tile flooring. As I write, the final details are still being worked out, but know that this will be happening soon.

During the course of this work, we will need to find alternative spaces on our campus for worship. For likely two (no more than three) weekends, Masses will be moved to Keating Hall. Daily Mass will be moved to one of the classrooms. Our parish website will have updated information.

Despite the anticipated inconveniences, this third and final phase of TTWCI is intended to benefit our worship. This was the promise that we made to one another in the spring of 2014 when we made our pledges to this campaign. More than paint and flooring, this is about enhancing that sacred space where we come to know, in Word and Sacrament, who Christ is. 

If you still have a balance on your TTWCI pledge, please continue to honor that commitment. If you have fulfilled your pledge or if you were not part of TTWCI but would now like to make a donation specifically for the restoration and renovation of our worship space, please use the Major Repair envelope (buff colored) in your packet. To safely make your gift electronically, use the Major Repair option at GiveCentral found by clicking the blue Donate button on our parish website.  CLICK HERE

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Renew My Church

 The parish bulletin for Easter Sunday 2016 included the first invitation for parishioners to participate in an online survey of the Archdiocese of Chicago as part of the Renew My Church initiative to foster vibrant and vital parishes.

In a letter dated June 16, 2016 Archbishop Cupich congratulated Saint Hugh Parishioners on our Top Ten response to the survey. As a percentage of our previous October Count (351) our 161 responses was nearly 46% - among the best of all the parishes in all of Cook and Lake counties.


The survey says….

On December 29, 2016 we received our survey results in three PDF files.

The first is the collection of written responses to the open ended question:

What are you most proud of about your parish or what makes your parish unique? Please list up to three things.

Since we were asked for as many as three things three alphabetized, but unedited, lists make up the first file.

To access the complete first file, click:  St. Hugh Free Response

 The second file has colored charts and presents both the responses from Saint Hugh Parishioners and a comparison to the whole Archdiocese. Demographic information was followed by general questions about parishes and what is important to parishioners. Not surprising, those who attend Mass weekly are much more likely to complete an Archdiocesan survey. When the members of our pastoral staff looked at the results at our January staff meeting, we noticed that when, from a list of options, the top three or five choices were highlighted, the Saint Hugh priorities were very much in common with the Archdiocese as a whole.

To access the complete second file, click:  St. Hugh Parish Report

 The third file contains lists of other places of worship mentioned by those who took the Saint Hugh Survey. Of the 161 respondents, 101 of you worship exclusively at Saint Hugh.

To access the complete third file, click:  Mass Attendance Pattern

We should be proud of our parish and of our participation in this process of the Archdiocese of Chicago. Pray for Renew My Church. 

Letter from the Cardinal regarding the groupings: Renew My Church Letter

The formal announcement grouping Saint Hugh Parish (Lyons) with Mater Christi Parish (North Riverside), Saint Pius X Parish (Stickney), and Saint Mary Parish and School (Riverside) arrived January 13, 2017.


brick-prayer garden image2


Available in English, Spanish, & Polish.

Amoris laetitia

Available in English, Spanish, & Polish


First Communion May 2016

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Confirmation May 2016

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 Congratulations to Lorraine Marek (LAM) for receiving the Christifideles Award.


Congratulations to Caylei H., Allison K., and Makayla L. for receiving Youth Ministry Awards!

YM Awards 16

Congratulations to Christine Alfred for receiving the 2016 SCW Woman of the Year Award.



Members of Pastoral Staff, Parish Pastoral Council, Finance Council, and SCW Board Members with Archbishop Cupich

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Draw Near - Video Guide to the Catholic Mass


St. Hugh Parish In the News!



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Fr. Reszel Installation

                      Deacon Gene Kukla, Father Marc Reszel, and Bishop John Manz

Pastor Installation - August 19, 2012


Saint Hugh of Grenoble 1052 – 1132

He was named a bishop at age 27. In time of famine he sold his Episcopal ring in order to aid the poor. Assisted Saint Bruno in founding the Carthusians. 

Feast: April 1.



"St. Hugh Parish is called by God to live, teach and serve as Jesus did."  The parish exists to enable all its members, both young and old, to deepen their relationship with God and to help others both within the parish and in the world to draw closer to God and one another, thus becoming a community of believers living the Gospel message.